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Sawai Atsuhiro

Sawai Atsuhiro Sensei was born in 1939 in Japan, and he can be seen in meditation to the left. He met Nakamura Tempu Sensei in the 1950’s, eventually becoming one of his closest students and obtaining the highest teaching credential in Shin-shin-toitsu-do, a unique form of Japanese yoga and meditation. Nakamura Sensei is widely regarded as the father of yogic meditation in Japan, where his teachings are studied by people from every walk in life.


Professionally, Sawai Sensei was a full professor of English at Kyoto Sangyo University. He became Professor Emeritus of English in 2004. Since his retirement he has had several top-selling books on Nakamura Sensei’s teachings published in Japan. In addition, he is the leader of the Tenpu Juku in Kyoto (, and he is the President of the Kokusai Nihon Yoga Renmei (International Japanese Yoga Association) that promotes instruction in Shin-shin-toitsu-do around the world. The IJYA has members in over 20 nations, and it is a not for profit organization.


The True Paths to Meditation is his first book with Michi Publishing and his first book written specifically for Western readers. Like all of Sawai Sensei's works, it aims to help the reader discover a way of living rooted in health and harmony via meditation. Sawai Sensei uses a simple and direct writing style that appeals to both Japanese and Western fans of meditation, yoga, and spirituality. 


H. E. Davey

H. E. Davey Sensei is the Director of the Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts, which offers instruction in Japanese systems of yoga, martial arts, healing arts, and fine arts. His introduction to the arts of Japan came via traditional martial arts. Since the age of five, he studied jujutsu extensively in the USA and Japan. He received the title of Kyoshi from the Kokusai Budoin, a Tokyo-based international federation. Kokusai Budoin defines Kyoshi as comparable to a “Master's Certificate” and equivalent to modern ranks of sixth- to eighth-degree black belt. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Shudokan Martial Arts Association (, an esteemed international coalition of Japanese and Western experts that has given him an eighth-degree black belt.


In middle school Mr. Davey began Shin-shin-toitsu-do, a system of Japanese yoga and meditation founded by Nakamura Tempu Sensei. He practiced in Japan and the USA under Nakamura Sensei’s senior disciples, including Sawai Atsuhiro Sensei and Hashimoto Tetsuichi Sensei. Mr. Davey also received extensive instruction in Nakamura Sensei’s methods of bodywork and healing with ki (“life energy”), which he teaches. He is the only member of Tempu-Kai, an organization established by Mr. Nakamura, who is a full-time professional instructor of Shin-shin-toitsu-do. He’s also a member of the Wakuwaku Honshin Juku in Osaka, an organization devoted to Nakamura Sensei’s teachings that has given him their highest level of teaching certification. In addition, Mr. Davey is the Vice President of the Kyoto-based Kokusai Nihon Yoga Renmei (International Japanese Yoga Association). He has the most advanced grade of teaching certification in the IJYA and serves as their International Chief Instructor. He also received training in Hatha yoga and Pranayama breathing exercises in the tradition of Indra Devi.


Mr. Davey also studied shodo, or Japanese brush writing and ink painting, for 20 years under the late Kobara Ranseki Sensei, recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun. Mr. Davey holds the top rank in Ranseki Sho Juku shodo and exhibited in Japan for many years. He received numerous honors in these exhibitions, including Jun Taisho ("Associate Grand Prize").


H. E. Davey's articles on Japanese arts and his artwork have appeared in numerous American and Japanese magazines and newspapers. He’s the author of Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-jujutsu (McGraw-Hill), Brush Meditation: A Japanese Way to Mind & Body Harmony (Stone Bridge Press), Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation (Michi Publishing), Living the Japanese Arts & Ways: 45 Paths to Meditation & Beauty (Stone Bridge Press), The Japanese Way of the Artist (Michi Publishing), and The Japanese Way of the Flower: Ikebana as Moving Meditation (Stone Bridge Press).

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